About me

Born: April 1st 1941 in Amsterdam. 1959 start studies Social History at Amsterdam University. Founded SOK youth mouvement, militant in Politeia socdem student org, cofounder of Dutch Sudents’ Trade Union (Studentenvakbeweging) in 1963. President of Anti Vietnam War committee 1965. Researcher at Amsterdam International Institute of Social History 1965-1971. Cofounder of Medisch Comitee Vietnam 1966. Publications about Henk Sneevliet, Henriette Roland Holst, oppositions within communist party in thirties and Gpoe intervention in Holland and Spain during Thirties. 1968/69 Paris and Amsterdam university rebellions. 1969 in political bureau Pacifist Socialist Party (PSP), 1970 elected member of Amsterdam city council for PSP, 1971-74 director scientific bureau PSP, 1973-74 political vice president PSP. Developed Analyse en Beleidsplan 1973 for self-management as cornerstone of modern democracy. 1974 re-elected city council member and elected “wethouder” in a left city government. 1975 forced to abandon city government over a conflict about public transport (metro line). Study of late 19th century international diamond workers cooperation. Study of Bologna PCI government. 1976-78 director of non-commercial services developments in Bijlmer new town of Amsterdam. Professor of history and languages at experimental SNARK institute for abandoned youth in La Louvière, Belgium. 1979-81 head of planning bureau “welzijn” of Amsterdam city. 1982-92 at coordination department minorities policy (immigrants) with the interior ministry in The Hague. 1983-88 as coordinator of a big programme for redevelopment and integrated emancipation in poor urban neighbourhoods called “PCG” (Probleemcumulatiegebieden beleid). It worked well and was later abandoned under neoliberal and xenophobe pretensions. In 1989/90 French, Belgian, German, British and Italian colleagues of mine organised ourselves in order to develop an European standard for intervention into backward urban neighbourhoods. We got some boost and I moved to Brussels to help develop our intervention. In the following years I got opportunities to work with different French, Belgian, British, German and some Dutch initiatives. Not to forget Cataluñia! 2000-2003 I even tried unsuccessfully to implement integrated development on the Dutch caribbean island of Bonaire.

From 2004 onwards, I was a speaker at conferences from Bremen to Barcelona, from Istanbul to Islington, from Budapest to Berlin, etc. Everybody agreed with my views, explained at e-urban website, but nobody followed up. Invitations disappeared smoothly when I was 65 and pensionado in 2006. From 2007 onwards, I organised a second life around my last assignment at Plovdiv city in southern Bulgaria. In 2015, I moved from Brussels back to my Amsterdam birthplace where my two first daughters an my grandchildren live. My third daughter Shana (1995) lives in Brussels and we see each other frequently. We share books to read and cosmopolitanism.

Twitter and Facebook help me to stay in contact with friends and foes all over the world. I am upset over Dutch xenophobia since 2002 and weak responses by traditional parties and institutions. My responses become more radical, every time I feel wounded by those new fascists and their ‘wegkijkers’.

Enjoy my views, my cries for understanding and forgive my anger at those hypocrites…